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The Top Mistake That’s Killing Your Federal Business
(And How To Change That!)







By Judy Bradt


Got data? You’re a small govcon. Sure you do.

You’ve got contract opportunity data dashboards out the wazoo.

The free ones. The paid ones. The ones the PTAC lends you.

(Oh, and the Big Giant Database ID you borrow from your buddy…)

Here’s the thing:

The way 80% of small companies use that data is killing your cashflow and tanking your federal business.

I call it the Data Distortion Effect.

All the data makes it looks like the federal government is full of opportunities for companies like yours…but the harder you chase it all, the broker you get.

It’s sneaky, because we rightly expect federal contracting to be hard and confusing. A tiny ray of hope can rivet our attention and make us think things are heading in the right direction.

So we often don’t notice when in reality, our experience and our costs and our losses keep getting worse instead of better.

Here’s some of the signs. Are you…

  • Losing key employees to proposal fatigue after churning out a stream of loser bids?

  • Exhausted from business networking that runs you halfway across the country, or gets you stuck on the beltway from dawn to dark, but not getting in front of the right people?

  • Pumping out large, costly, proposals to agencies to “put our cap over the wall” but not getting your calls returned?

The Data Distortion Effect hits the 80% of govcons who comb through federal opportunities asking the wrong question: “What can we bid?”

They’re constantly chasing a swirl of bids so fast they can’t see straight.

The Big Shift: Relationship-Centricity

The fix is simple: When you look at your data and start with the right question, it’s like a magic lens that that brings business you can win into tight, clear focus!

Next time you’re going through the database, the contract notices, the RFI’s, the Sources Sought…start by asking, “Who buys what we do?”

Many of my most successful clients had the same databases you have now, including the big expensive data dashboards. But they were stuck in neutral, not growing like they needed to.

When I showed Hamlet Lopez how to make the shift from data distortion to relationship-centric, he and his team took their federal wins from $3 million to $11 million in just 12 months.

He asked me not to tell you how much business he closed this July. You could look it up!

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