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Why You Need GovPurchase





By Kim Harwell



Thousands of businesses use GovPurchase to win billions of dollars annually, in federal, state, and local prime contracts, subcontracts, for teaming arrangements, as well as commercial business development. This is accomplished via the user friendly GovPurchase online tool, our team of experienced analysts, trainers, customer support, procurement experts, combined with our excellent training and support. Not only is GovPurchase very easy to use, but it is very affordably priced for any small, medium or large business. GovPurchase also offers special discounts to Veteran Owned, Woman Owned, HUBZone, Ability One, NMSDC, WBENC, MBE, and other Small Businesses.

GovPurchase is updated every two hours, seven days per week, and contains over 15,000 separate data sources. GovPurchase offers more open bids than any other single source. This includes all federal, and state and most city and county: Request for Proposals, Proposal Updates, Request for Quote, Request for Information, Sources Sought, Industry Day, and other Announcements. GovPurchase gives you the ability to look up these opportunities manually, as well as have daily opportunities emailed to the subscriber’s inbox. Subscribers use the GovPurchase Customer Service Portal, and our experienced analysts to create and maintain the perfect profile to receive optimum daily opportunities.

While offering more open bids than any other single source, GovPurchase’s real strength is superior “market intelligence”. Market Intelligence gives subscribers the ability to easily obtain information about upcoming contracts before they are released to the public. GovPurchase gives subscribers all the research and training to understand, in advance, the upcoming contracts, the buying agencies, the potential competitors, as well as their potential partners.

GovPurchase also offers contact information on the key decision makers that will be associated with upcoming opportunities. Not only does GovPurchase give subscribers the opportunity to determine what opportunities are coming up in the next few months, but GovPurchase also allows subscribers to accurately forecast your pipeline up to five years in advance.

GovPurchase offers vital market intelligence information, and all contact information on people such as: Contracting Officers, Program Managers, Contract Specialists, Contracting Officer Technical Representatives, Contracting Officer Representatives, and more. GovPurchase offers key market intelligence such as: Upcoming contracts, scope of work, Contract Numbers, Agency, Contract Decision Makers Contact Information, Individual Tasks Orders and Modifications, contract Origination Dates, all important Contract Expiration Dates, Set Aside Status, All Incumbent Information, and much more…

GovPurchase also offers key information on contract vehicles, GSA purchases, as well as any other purchase, whether it is a micro purchase, credit card purchase, simple acquisition or any other unsolicited purchase. This gives subscribers the ability to reach out to buyers using credit cards, simple acquisitions, or any other non-solicited process, allowing you to cut through the red tape of the open solicitation process whenever possible.

For manufacturers and distributors of parts and products, GovPurchase contains the market intelligence required to locate long-term contract opportunities, and military programs, and the associated decision makers well in advance. In addition, GovPurchase contains the entire National Stock Number library, all DLIS and FLIS information, all pricing history, technical characteristics, month-to-month forecasts for the next two years, and all other vital NSN information. Access any drawing 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, as GovPurchase has the world’s largest parts drawings library in the world.

View the drawing in GovPurchase, and/or export the drawing as they have all been converted to PDF. GovPurchase also gives subscribers access to every military base, military purchasing location, and base tenant. This is a combination of information that is not available via any other single source. This alone makes GovPurchase a huge tool for manufacturers and distributors of parts and products, but, again, GovPurchase also combines the critical market intelligence needed to locate long-term contract opportunities, and military programs, and the associated decision makers well in advance.

If a company has set-aside status, they can use GovPurchase to locate upcoming set-aside opportunities, determine which companies are graduating from the 8a Program and determine which companies are no longer HUBZone’s, for competitive and teaming purposes. Also, GovPurchase can be used to connect with buyers for sole-source and other set-aside purposes.

GovPurchase is the perfect subcontracting tool. Easily locate the prime contractors, and the people in these companies that are working on and have the contracts that best fit a company’s capabilities. Often small businesses will find these companies easier to work with, and faster to close, than working with the federal government. Subcontracting with a prime is also a great way to build past performance, learn vital government contracting skills, while simultaneously generating revenue. Again, the GovPurchase tool, along with our training and ongoing support assist you in accomplishing all of these goals.

Conversely if a company is seeking subcontractors, anywhere in the world, for any type of project, in any industry, GovPurchase is the perfect tool to locate and vet such companies as we have all the vital information needed, on every company, all in one location. That is why many government agencies use GovPurchase to locate and vet contractors.

If a company is seeking teaming partners, easily sort through the GovPurchase Contractor Database to quickly locate the perfect teaming partner or partners. Search companies by Set-Aside, GSA Schedule, NAICS code, agency, Professional Service Code, Federal Supply Class, keyword, industry, state, zip code state, and more... Quickly locate, vet, and reach out to potential teaming partners.

Just as important, while selling to federal, state and local governments, pursuing prime and subcontracting opportunities, subscribers use GovPurchase to sell their products or services to other companies. Market to the hundreds of thousands of companies in the GovPurchase Contractors Database. Locate companies by keyword, NAICS Code or other categories. If a subscriber chooses, they can further sort by set-aside, state, zip code, country, GSA Schedule Holders, actual contracts winners, and much more… Subscribers use GovPurchase to understand their prospective customer’s annual revenue, number of employees, years and business, and much more… They can further export these companies to an Excel spreadsheet for digital and other marketing purposes. GovPurchase is also a great tool for companies who only wish to sell to other companies and have no interest in doing government business.

GovPurchase contains comprehensive information about competitors. Easily view competitors current and past contracts, including dollar amounts, contract expiration dates, agencies and buyers contact information, set-aside expiration date, annual revenue, number of employees, years in business, contact information, and much more... Subscribers use this information to their competitive advantage, as well as to determine if a potential competitor is really a competitor, or if they may be a potential partner or even a customer in certain cases.

In conclusion, GovPurchase is the perfect tool for all federal, state and local government prime contracting, subcontracting, teaming and commercial business development. Use the user-friendly portal, and our staff of analysts, trainers and customer support personnel to take your business to the next level, at reasonable cost.


Kim Harwell

(301) 741-4446 Ext. 1001